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Creating A New Way Of Thinking

Greg Blake
7 min readJan 9, 2020


After realizing that the career path I was stuck in just wasn’t working for me, I took to the internet in search of a new means of income for myself. I started to search and learn everything I could find and afford to change my life for the better. I wanted my kids to see they could really do anything and there was no one solution for life, but they could choose their solution. I wanted to build something for myself. I just didn’t know where to turn.

Into The Rabbit Hole

My search was everywhere when I first started this journey. I was chasing any lead that may pay off and help me find my freedom. I remember when I was younger they referred to the internet as a new frontier an endless super highway fo information.

What I came to realize was that the internet was really just a massive minefield of information. It was often overwhelming and left me battle fatigued in little time. But I’m often stubborn and refuse to quit, life will beat me down long before it will ever stand a chance at defeating me.

I was searching for Wonderland and it didn’t matter how many rabbit holes I had to run down, I would find it.

The Lonely Road

The saddest part of this journey is that I had actually graduated from a computer program, where my grades were well above average. Though it was many years passed, and so much was different now.

I had not so much as touched a keyboard in every bit of six years at this point. Going into construction seemed like a good idea at that time, but in retrospect, I always knew it wasn’t for me. However, the pay was far better than waiting tables so I didn’t really have much of a choice at the time. Nor did I have any idea of the potential the internet had for income, yes living in Ohio is basically like living under a rock.

I had always thought of the internet as a place where people sold snake oil and empty promises, get rich quick scams and such (which you do see a lot of). Oddly enough, when I decided I had to change my life it’s still the first place I turned for an answer. I really didn’t have any other idea of where to turn.

I came to find out the more I searched and tried things the more people I knew criticized me. They thought everything was a get rich quick scheme and was never going to work (I no longer have to wonder why I thought the same). Finally, I got to the point that I just stopped talking to people about it at all. So every option I explored I was alone, but still didn’t give up hope.

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Disbelief and Mindset

At first, I started with network marketing (don’t worry I’m not going to pitch you on it). It was here I first learned that in spite of what they tell you, not everyone wants or needs your product. Shocking, I know! You would be amazed at how hard it is for some people to grasp this idea. It’s funny to think that some people don’t realize this and just spew their pitch all over every innocent passer-by.

The funniest part of all was when I told a member of my upline, who by the way was completely optimism and positivity, that I was going to take my efforts to the internet and that I found a course that was going to teach me how to do so he was less than enthused. The positivity was gone and he was horribly skeptical that it would work at all.

There’s something about when someone who tries to tell you that you have to learn “a new set of skills” and “to think differently” is pessimistic of the new set of skills you’re learning and your new way of thinking. It repels you from them and in this case the work you were doing together. I’m not trying to knock network marketing by any means but needless to say, I started to see things differently as that point.

In With The New

I went on to learn that what the network marketing company was teaching me wasn’t marketing. All I was really learning was to annoy everyone who came within a few feet from me. I had wasted tons of my time walking around trying to sell every one I could get to talk to me on joining me or buying our services. I still can’t believe I thought that would create success for me.

I was learning way more from actual marketers on how to sell my service or product even though I didn’t have one of my own. Still, I was at least learning something valuable. I read books, watched webinars, watched masterminds, and paid for courses and kept learning. I was trying to find my place and figure out where I fit in. I knew it was very possible to make a career online, I just needed to find my way.

I started using what I learned about making yourself the attractive character of your business. I started publishing consistently, thus my podcast was born. The original intention was to share my journey, I quickly ran out of content since this was a pretty slow process. My solution was to share what I learned. So I started to learn for two, meaning everything I learned I taught to my listeners. This method of learning really helped my learning process.

I started to attract guests to my podcast, people who already reached their goals and wanted to help others do the same. This is where my podcast really gained new value. What I found was that I was creating the exact information I was searching for when I first started this journey and I am proud of that. You can hear about how vast the online job market is as well as learn how to get started in that market. Why couldn’t I find this before?

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Falling Into Place

When you’re putting a puzzle together all you have is a picture, you start out one slowly, one piece at a time. Then at some point pieces fall into place, at least in small sections anyways. The same can be said about my journey, I have a picture in my head of the destination, I just need to figure out how the pieces go together.

I didn’t expect any of my journey to be easy, I just didn’t expect it to be so hard. Though if it were easy the opportunity wouldn’t be so vast I suppose. I have learned so much but so many pieces are still missing at this point, I have to wonder at times if I’m over complicating the whole thing.

At this point, I realize that I’ve actually known what the problem is for a while, but justified it to myself. I’ve been doing too many different things and haven’t focused hard enough on one single thing to see any success. This had to change immediately if I ever wanted to leave the job I hated so badly.

Knowing I needed to eliminate some of what I was working on I had to make some decisions. I looked at what I was seeing success in, and what I really wanted to do. It didn’t take long to choose when I looked at it that way. Finally, my path was chosen all that I have to do is follow the path others have created.

A New World

There are a ton of amazing programs out there, but you have to do some bad ones to know how good the others are. After learning this, deciding what I enjoyed, and what I was doing successfully, my personal choice became affiliate marketing. I decided to start out with someone else’s product to learn everything I could about marketing.

So, I found someone who had the same success that I wanted to create for myself and joined a course he made just to teach people like me. Which of course meant it would save me from the mistakes I would so easily make, and had made at first. Everything was laid out for me to follow step by step to make it simple and actionable. It was exactly what I needed.

The way all of this was implemented was to do the harder tasks me, then teach me how to do them myself. It ensured I would never lose momentum, and was designed to make sure that no one wanted to quit or ever felt overwhelmed. The instructor didn’t want his students to ever end up stuck, but instead to keep taking action. He really wants students to succeed, because if you don’t succeed, neither does he.

If you’re just starting out like I was and want to learn how to create your own online business, even without any previous experience in online business or marketing. Or you’re someone who wants to expand your knowledge of online marketing. Then I highly recommend this program, it’s filled in so much of the guesswork for me and will for you as well. It’s called Partner with Anthony and is taught by Anthony Morrison, who has won multiple awards in affiliate marketing sales and shares how in this course.

The main purpose of writing this is to help anyone else who may be on the same journey and doesn’t know where to go. If that's you, then I sincerely hope this helps you either find something that helps you create the success you’re looking for or at least gives you some inspiration.



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